Usama Dakdok

Christian Missionary and spokesperson


Straight Way of Grace Ministry: Founder (2001)

Usama Dakdok Publishing: Dakdok’s own publishing house

Worldview Weekend (a biblical media source): Contributor (Since 2011)


Usama Dakdok was born in Egypt and grew up in a Baptist Christian household. After marrying his American wife, Dakdok moved to the United States in 1992. In 2003, Usama earned his Bachelor’s degree in Missiology from The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In 2001 he founded the Straight Way of Grace Ministry which aims at, “equipping Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors, as well as ministering to Muslims directly.” Dakdok is also the author of several books, including The Generous Qur’an: An accurate, modern English translation of the Qur’an, Islam’s holiest book, Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an: The Revelation of Error, and Exposing the Truth about Jihad. Dakdok espouses the common Islamophobic trope that Islam is a dangerous faith that endangers the West, and does so through a biblical lense. His ministry travels throughout the United States and Canada.

SOURCE: The Straight Way of Grace Ministry (“About us”), The Straight Way of Grace Ministry (“The Purpose of this Ministry”)


Usama continues his work as a missionary and actively contributes to his radio show and television series on Weekend Worldview. Usama has spoken at various conferences, schools, and in front of church communities, offering a variety of presentations on Islam, his most popular being “Allah is Satan, Jesus is God,” “Revealing the Truth about ISIS,” and “Revealing the Truth about the Jihad and Terrorism of Islam.” His most recent presentation is entitled, “Revealing the Truth about SHARIA.” The advertisement for this presentation states: “This troubled world is experiencing a clash of cultures and an ideological war that dates back over 1500 years. The loyal followers of a violent and intolerant religion are once again on the march, seeking to bring the globe under the domination of Islam.”

SOURCE: The Straight Way of Grace Ministry (“Our Presentations”)


Dakdok believes and preaches that Allah is Satan.

“According to the Bible, Allah is Satan. Qur’an 1:1 indicates that Muslims worship the god of this world who is Satan who is known as the best deceiver and who leads people astray.

Let us look at what both the Bible and the Qur’an say to prove this point.

Qur’an 1:1 states that Allah is the god (lord) of this world:

The praise be to Allah, the lord of the worlds. Allah is Satan as it is written throughout the Qur’an. The Bible states in 2 Corinthians 4:4 that the god of this world is Satan: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

SOURCE: Dakdok, Usama (“Allah is Satan”, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry)

“I believe Allah, the god of Muhammad, is Satan.”

“Yes, all Arabs, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, if they are Arab, they speak the Arabic language, they use the world ‘Allah’ for God, but when the Jewish [sic] and the Christians use the word ‘Allah’ they’re talking about Allah the God of the Bible. And when Muslims use the word ‘Allah’ they’re actually talking about Allah the God of the Qur’an, and as we will see in our studies, that Allah, the God of the Qur’an is actually Satan. Not because the Bible said so, but because the Qur’an itself said so.”

SOURCE: Dakdok, Usama (“Allah is Satan and Jesus is God (Part 9)”, Worldview Weekend  TV)(February 15, 2019)

Dakdok believes and preaches that Islam is a religion of violence and that is poses a threat to the West and Christianity.

“Imagine with me, sitting in a mosque or interfaith meeting listening to these so-called moderate Muslims saying all these wonderful things about Islam by simply creating smooth, personal opinions or even giving early Mecce and Medine verses of the Qur’an and some of Mohammed’s teachings when he did not have the upper hand, you will truly come to believe that Islam is a loving, peaceful religion. Then suddenly, a man or a woman stands up and refutes this propaganda as we have done so many times in the past, explaining that these flirting words of the loving, peaceful Islam has no place in the reality of the final teaching of the word of Allah in the Qur’an/Mohammed or the true history of Islamic civilization the last 1400 years.”

SOURCE: Dakdok, Usama (“Connect the D.O.T.S.”, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry)

“Whenever true Muslim believers perform their duty before Allah, that is to practice his teachings in the Qur’an, liberals and those ignorant of Islam come to the conclusion that these barbaric, savage acts are simply extreme and have nothing to do with Islam since they claim Islam is a loving, peaceful religion and no religion can condone such wicked acts. Is this true?

A simple reading of the word of Allah in the Qur’an will bring out the truth that the religion of Islam is the source of tyranny for Allah, the god of Islam, is a terrorist. His angels are terrorists. His prophet, Mohammed, is a terrorist. Every Muslim believer is a terrorist.”

SOURCE: Dakdok, Usama (“The Terrorization of Islam”, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry)

“What is political correctness? In my simple words, it is a foolish action of ignorant Americans who load their guns with their own bullets to shoot and kill their own children and grandchildren to please the Moslem enemy. I do not support the physical war in Muslim countries for I do not believe we are in a physical war with Muslims. I do not believe that war against Islam can be won with bullets. It can only be won when we get rid of fear which Americans call political correctness and have the freedom to speak and to teach the truth about Islam by simply reading the Qur’an and the Hadith and spread the truth about Mohammed and his followers throughout the media. For the Bible says in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; for you rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.” The problem in America is nothing but lack of knowledge.”

SOURCE: Dakdok, Usama K. (“Living in Fear or Political Correctness--What Do You Call It?”, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry)

Dakdok spreads false information about CAIR, stating that its goal is to take over America.

“As we will answer many questions and will expose CAIR for who they are, as we will expose their activities in America. And I hope and I pray, as we will go through this study together, we will have a full understanding of CAIR, and then we will be able to expose all their lies and all their deceptions, and we will put CAIR exactly where they belong. As I believe if the American people knew who is CAIR and their agenda in America, perhaps we will end the existence of such a Muslim Jihadi organization in America. Or I know for certain, we will hinder their work as they are reaching out to many ungodly churches all over America to use them to accomplish their goal and their vision for taking over America for Allah, for Muhammad, for Islam.”

SOURCE: Dakdok, Usama (“Straightway vs CAIR - Radio Programs”, episode one, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry)