Stefan Herre

Founder and Co-operator of Politically Incorrect


Politically Incorrect: Founder and Co-Operator

Junge Freiheit: Author

Stop the Islamisation of nations: Advisory Board Member

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Politically Incorrect Blog: One of Germany’s most popular political blogs in terms of readership


Stefan Herre is a German blogger and political activist. He studied sports at the Sport university Cologne. He is the founder and co-operator of the blog Politically Incorrect and is an advisory board member of the Stop the Islamisation of Nations (SION). In the 1980s, he began writing letters to local German newspapers, primarily commenting on national and international politics. He had always been very critical of the Alliance party/Greens and Islam in Germany in these letters. In 2004, he developed his own blog called politically incorrect which began to take on a more anti-Islam rhetoric after an appearance of the Mohammad caricatures in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten during 2005. It had become one of Europe’s largest anti-Islamic websites with more than 60,000 readers per day. By 2006 many pro-western bloggers leave PI, criticizing Herre’s style. Herre was also a temporary author of Junge Freiheit and had received the Hiltrud Schröter Freedom Prize, Pax Europe award in 2011.

Source: Stop the Islamisation of Nations

Recent Activity

Herre has largely been out of the public eye since 2007 after receiving death threats. He has rarely accepted any interviews from media outlets and has relocated the server of the PI and gave responsibility of its own communication to an unknown person abroad. It had later became known that Swiss pastor Christine Dietrich took responsibility of the blog. In 2011, it was reported from several DuMont-group newspapers that Herre had anonymously remained active with Politcally Incorrect through a leaked skype interview between the blog’s leadership group after the attacks in Norway on July 22nd, 2011.


Herre promotes a false rhetoric of Islam that its objective is to conquer Europe and not conform to western values.

“No matter whether Stuttgart, Leinfelden or Kornwestheim - one thing is clear everywhere: The mosque construction projects are getting bigger, more expensive (the "state" pays it!) And more exalted. The Lying Press accompanies every new building as if it were the greatest and most important thing in the world. Do you want total Islamization? And everyone is shouting "Yes !!!" The signs of the disaster are clearly visible and this again ...”


“The establishment will manifest political Islam in the country, against all reason - and against all odds. To accept this fact alone would be the first step towards effective countermeasures. Unfortunately, this is still not aware of all "longer living here". Many still cling to the erroneous belief that everything is going to "settle" somehow. Consequently, the long overdue insubordination of the people will probably be far from over.”

SOURCE: Cantaloop, 3/17/18, PI-News

“Above all, when significant forces in politics, the media, churches and other social groups try with all their might to obscure them with dense clouds. But it is the most important task of our time to put Islam into the taboo of public critical discussion because it represents an existential threat to our free democratic society.”

SOURCE: Michael Sturzenberger, 6/29/18, PI-News