sebastian gorka

former deputy assistant TO PRESIDENT TRUMP


Vitezi Rend or Order of Vitez: Member

Vitezi Rend is a Hungarian fraternity with ties to the far-right and, specifically, Nazism. From NBC News (April 2017): “Vitezi Rend was founded in 1920 by Hungarian ruler Miklos Horthy to award medals to Hungarian veterans of World War I. But the group's history became murky after the country allied with Nazi Germany in 1938. Heisler told NBC News that members of the organization were likely complicit in the murder of some of the hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews toward the end of World War II. During the war, the State Department listed Vitezi Rend among a group of ‘organizations under the direction of the Nazi government of Germany.’ And Horthy, its founder, once said that ‘I have always been an anti-Semite throughout my life,’ according to ‘The Jews of Hungary,’ a 1995 book by Hungarian-Jewish historian Raphael Patai.”

Breitbart: Former National Security Editor (2014 - 2016)

Trump Administration: Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump (January 2017 - August 2017)

Fox News: Contributor

College of International Security Affairs (CISA): Former Faculty Member


Aside from being dismissed from his position as deputy assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka (husband to Katharine Gorka) was — and still is — an influential figure in the far-right movement. Before Gorka worked at the White House, he helped lay the groundwork for the alt-right insurgency we are seeing today. Awarded a doctorate in political science from the Corvinus University, Gorka proceeded to use his dubious knowledge in Islam to advance the hard-right agenda. He held multiple positions before joining the Trump administration, including working as an editor at Breitbart, a pundit on Fox News and a teacher at the College of International Security Affairs (CISA). In those capacities, Gorka offered up anti-Muslim screeds that helped create the political climate we find ourselves in today. And as deputy assistant to the President, Gorka, along with his former boss Steve Bannon, was one of the most vocal supporters of the Muslim Ban. According to Prof. Steven Simon and Daniel Benjamin, Gorka is an “Islamophobic huckster,” who exists as a dangerous force within the body-politic.

Gorka thinks Americans must stop being politically correct and acknowledge that Islam is one of the main causes of violence in the Middle East, in order to defeat terrorist groups like ISIS.

SOURCE: Frontpage Mag, 11/23/16


Gorka believes Islam is the driving force of Middle Eastern terrorism.

“In his [Gorka’s] book Defeating Jihad, he argued that if the United States wanted to win the war on ISIS, it would need to jettison ‘political correctness’ (he was an agitator chasing the Obama administration for not using the term ‘radical Islam’) and acknowledge the religious ideology at its center.”

SOURCE: Tina Nguyen (Vanity Fair) (February 2017)

“For him [Gorka], the terrorism problem has nothing to do with repression, alienation, torture, tribalism, poverty, or America’s foreign policy blunders and a messy and complex Middle East. ‘This is the famous approach that says it is all so nuanced and complicated,’ Gorka said in an interview. ‘This is what I completely jettison.’ For him, the terror threat is rooted in Islam and ‘martial’ parts of the Koran that he says predispose some Muslims to acts of terror. ‘Anybody who downplays the role of religious ideology...they are deleting reality to fit their own world,’ he said.”

SOURCE: Greg Jaffe (Washington Post) (February 2017)

Gorka thinks Americans must stop being politically correct and acknowledge that Islam is one of the main causes of violence in the Middle East, in order to defeat terrorist groups like ISIS.

From a speech Gorka gave to the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2016 Restoration Weekend:

“There is a way to win and that's what my book Defeating Jihad is about. A very simple set of ideas. No. 1: no more political correctness. Gone. The idea that the administration can censor the threat, the idea that the Attorney General can have the words "Jihad" removed from transcripts of the Orlando shooter is over...Well that has to stop, and we all know one thing about Donald Trump, don't we? He doesn't like political correctness. We cannot defeat our enemy unless we understand how religion informs his operations and defines our strategic objectives. Speak truth to the threat because you cannot heal a disease if you're not allowed to diagnose it nor can you defeat an enemy if you are curtailed on what you are allowed to say about them factually.”

SOURCE: FrontPageMag (November 30, 2016)

Gorka refused to give a clear answer to whether or not Donald Trump believes Islam is a religion, lending credence to the notion that Islam is a political ideology.

“Earlier this month, National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep asked Sebastian Gorka, the deputy assistant to Donald Trump, whether the president believes Islam is a religion. Rather than answering the question, Gorka lambasted the Morning Edition host. ‘It would be nice if you actually reported things accurately,’ Gorka responded. ‘This is not a theological seminary. This is the White House. And we’re not going to get into theological debates. If the president has a certain attitude to a certain religion, that’s something you can ask him.’...Gorka’s evasive comments nodded to a fringe concept that’s been floating for more than a decade: the idea that Islam is not a legitimate religion, but a dangerous political ideology.”

SOURCE: Bryan Schatz (Mother Jones) (March 2017)

Gorka tried to cast doubt on the veracity of the Minnesota mosque attacks, claiming that they may have been staged by leftists.

“In a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC...White House adviser Sebastian Gorka put forth a bizarre justification for the radio silence: The attack, you see, may have been perpetrated by the left. ;There’s a great rule: All initial reports are false,’ Gorka said. (Editor’s note: This is a terrible rule.) ‘You have to check them; you have to find out who the perpetrators are,’ Gorka continued. ‘We’ve had a series of crimes committed — alleged hate crimes by right-wing individuals in the last six months — that turned out to actually have been propagated by the left. So let’s wait and see, let’s allow the local authorities to provide their assessments, and then the White House will make its comments.’”

SOURCE: Benjamin Hart (New York) (August 2018)

Gorka wore the pin of a Hungarian group with deep ties to Nazism to Trump’s inaugural ball.

“A group with alleged historical links to Nazi Germany has told NBC News it was ‘proud’ when President Donald Trump's deputy assistant wore its medal. Controversy has swirled around Sebastian Gorka, one of Trump's top counterterrorism advisers, ever since he attended the president's Jan. 20 Inaugural Ball wearing the honorary medal of Hungarian nationalist organization Vitezi Rend.”

SOURCE: Alexander Smith and Vladimir Banic (NBC News) (April 2017)

Gorka was a part of the short-lived Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG), a shadow security council that, according to AlterNet, sought to bring white supremacist ideas into the White House.

“The Strategic Initiatives Group is emerging as Bannon’s conduit for aiding the populist right in Europe. Described as a ‘White House think tank,’ SIG is run by Chris Liddell, formerly chief financial officer at a Hollywood talent agency. The group's mission is described as supporting Trump administration collaboration with ‘private forums.’ In practice, that seems to mean Liddell will assist in marketing the message of the chauvinist European right. Last week, Gorka signaled the ascendant ideology by endorsing a white nationalist opus by Georgetown University professor Joshua Mitchell in the debut issue of a policy journal called American Affairs.”

SOURCE: Jefferson Morley (AlterNet) (March 2017)

Gorka wants to profile Muslims and thinks CAIR has connections to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Sebastian Gorka, the former national security editor for Breitbart News, has called profiling Muslims ‘a synonym for common sense,’ and, like his wife, has accused mainstream Muslim civil rights organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations of using ‘subversive tactics’ and having ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

SOURCE: Alex Emmons (The Intercept) (May 2017)