John Hagee


Cornerstone Church: Founder and Senior Pastor(1987-Present)

Christians United for Israel: Founder and National Chairman(2006-present)

Hagee Ministries: Founder and President

Global Evangelicalism Television(GETV): CEO


Pastor John Hagee has been involved with the gospel ministry for over 60 years. John Hagee graduated from Trinity University with a Bachelor of Science in History and Education and a Master degree in Educational Advancement from the University of North Texas. He is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational mega church that boasts over 20,000 members. He is also the founder and national chairman of Christians United for Israel. He has written nearly 40 majors books and his teachings are telecasted through Hagee Ministries across America. He is a prominent Christian Zionist supporter of Israel and has given over $100 million dollars through his nonprofit Hagee Ministries towards “humanitarian” causes in Israel. Hagee believes that the Bible commands Christians to support the State of Israel and Jewish people. He has been criticized for his statements pertaining to Israel, the Roman Catholic Church and Islam. In several of his books and teachings, Hagee has made false claims about Islam and has demonized Muslims as inherently violent and intolerant.


In 2006, Hagee authored a book called Jerusalem Countdown in which he controversially states how Islam commands violence and tells its followers to kill their enemies. He also agreed  in a 2006 interview on NPR’s Fresh Air show that Muslims have a mandate to kill Christians and Jews. More recently in September, 2018 he published a book called Earth's Last Empire: The Final Game of Thrones. John Hagee remains very active in his role as senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, with approximately thirty of his recent sermons uploaded on his website for viewers to watch and daily program broadcasts on the radio and television. John Hagee continues to host his church’s annual “A Night to Honor Israel” which raises money for Israeli charities. He also maintains an active twitter page.


John Hagee compares Christianity with Islam’s “violent rhetoric”

“Islam instructs its followers to kill their enemies, but Christianity instructs its followers to love their enemies”

SOURCE: What You Need to Know About Islam and the Bible(John Hagee)

“The Quran insists that no matter how mighty a nation is, it must be fought until it embraces Islam”

SOURCE:John Hagee Sermon: Who is Allah?

Hagee falsely represents Christianity through the notion that the Bible states the West must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike to fulfill God’s plan

“The United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West… a biblically prophesied end-time confrontation with Iran, which will lead to Rapture, Tribulation and Second coming of Christ”


In his book Jerusalem Countdown Hagee seeks a war between the West and Islam

“This is a religious war that Islam cannot and must not win”. “ The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching… Rejoice and be exceedingly glad the best is yet to be”

SOURCE: The Telegraph(Aug 2006)

Hagee not only perpetuates myths about Christianity but also Islam

“Ladies and Gentlemen, America is at war with Radical Islam… Jihad has come to America. If we lose the war to Islamic fascism, it will change the world as we know it”.

SOURCE: The Islamophobia Network

“Radical sects, which include about 200 million Islamics, believe they have a command from God to kill Christians and Jews”

SOURCE: Religion News Blog

Hagee targets American-Muslims, stating that the majority of them are not loyal to America based on a survey from USA today that the majority of American-Muslim parents would not support their children fighting for the United States in the war with Iraq.

“For all practical purposes, this survey revealed that while American-Muslims live in America 82% are not loyal to America and are not willing to fight and defend America”

SOURCE: John Hagee Sermon: Who is Allah?