zuhdi jasser.png

Zuhdi Jasser

Jasser is a former Navy officer, physician and Republican Muslim founder of American Islamic Forum for Democracy AIFD.

Tawfiq Ahmed still.png

Tawfiq Hamid

Hamid is an Egyptian migrant to the US. He claims to have been a former terrorist member of the Egytian “Islamic Jihad.”

Majid Nawaz still.png

Maajid Nawaz

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Kamal Saleem Still.png

Kamal Saleem

Saleem is a Lebanese migrant to the US. Saleem authored two books on his conversion from Islam to Christianity.

Zachariah Anani still.png

Zachariah Anani

Anani is a Lebanese migrant to Canada. He is a convert to Christianity and claims to be a former terrorist.

Stephen Schwartz still.png

Stephen Schwartz

Schwartz is a Neo-Conservative Republican convert to Islam and ardent supporter of Zionism.

Ayaan Hirsi still.png

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Magan

Magan is a prominent Somali-Kenyan neo-Atheist. She is a former politician in Holland and member of the Neo-Conservative American Enterprise Institute.

Asra Nomani still.png

Asra Nomani

Asra Nomani is a journalist, author and self-described “Muslim reformer.”

Kamal Nawash still.png

Kamal Nawash

Nawash is a Palestinian-American Republican. Nawash was also featured in Obsession: Radical Islam’s War On The West, a 2005 Islamophobic documentary.

Musab Yusuf still.png

Musab Yusuf

Yusuf is the Palestinian son of a leader in Hamas who converted to Evangelical Christianity. He claims to have participated in terrorist activity.


Irshad Manji

Manji is a Canadian author and self-described “Muslim reformer.”

Ibn Warraq.png

Ibn Warraq

Warraq is a Pakistani-British, self-described “ex-Muslim” who proclaims expertise on Islam and Muslims.

Nonie Darwish still.png

Nonie Darwish

Darwish is an Egyptian-born convert to Evangelical Christianity and the head of “Formers Muslims United.”

Wafa Sultan

Sultan is a Syrian born former Alawite who migrated to the United States. She is an author who speaks to audiences about Islam and Muslims.

walid shoebat still.png

Walid Shoebat

Shoebat is a Palestinian migrant to the US who claims to have been a member of the PLO and to have committed a terrorist attack on an Israeli target.