Mark steyn

Writer and radio host


National Review: Frequent Contributor

Hillsdale College (a Right-Wing College): Visiting Fellow

Maclean’s (a popular Canadian weekly): Contributing Editor

Fox News: Frequent Guest on Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson’s Respective Shows

Rush Limbaugh Show: Frequent Guest and Guest Host

Claremont Institute (a far-right think tank): 2005 Henry Salvatori Prize

Hugh Hewitt Radio show: Frequent Guest

Center for Security Policy: 2007 Mightier Pen Award


Mark Steyn is a conservative writer, radio host and frequent guest pundit on Fox News. He has written multiple books; contributed to prestigious conservative outlets like National Review; and is a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. He occasionally serves as a fill-in host on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” as well as on Fox News.

Steyn also operates his own website, which hosts his blog and a forum message board. Islamophobic rants on Europe's demographic decline and "grim Eurostatistics" are a regular feature of Steyn's written work. He has a history of using ethnic slurs. Fellow Conservatives have taken Steyn to task for his lack of clarity in America Alone when it comes to exactly what lessons he thought should be learned from the genocide perpetrated by Serbia against Bosnia.


Steyn is still active in the conservative mediasphere, regularly appearing on Fox and frequently guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh. He also maintains a professional Twitter account.


Steyn ominously claimed in his book America Alone that future societies will have to learn from the ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims by Bosnian Serbs.

“Why did Bosnia collapse into the worst slaughter in Europe since World War Two? In the thirty years before the meltdown, Bosnian Serbs had declined from 43 percent to 31 percent of the population, while Bosnian Muslims had increased from 26 percent to 44 percent. In a democratic age, you can't buck demography except through civil war. The Serbs figured that out as other Continentals will in the years ahead: if you can't outbreed the enemy, cull 'em. The problem that Europe faces is that Bosnia’s demographic profile is now the model for the entire continent.”

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (America Alone) (via Andrew Sullivan’s Blog) (2006)

Steyn argued against the genocide of Muslims for strategic — NOT moral — reasons.

“Even if you regard Islam as essentially incompatible with free societies, the slaughter required to end it as a force in the world would change America beyond recognition. That doesn't mean that, a few years down the line, if some kooks with nukes obliterate, say, Marseilles or Lyons that the French wouldn't give it a go in some fairly spectacular way. But they're unlikely to accomplish much by it, any more than the Russians have by their scorched earth strategy in Chechnya.”

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (America Alone) (via Andrew Sullivan’s Blog) (2006)

Steyn was quoted in the manifesto of Anders Breivik, who committed the 2011 Norway terror attacks that claimed the lives of 77 people.

“I have been away from the Internet for the weekend, and return to find myself being fitted out for a supporting role in Friday’s evil slaughter in Norway. The mass murderer Breivik published a 1,500-page “manifesto.” It quotes me, as well as several friends of NR — Theodore Dalrymple, Daniel Pipes, Roger Scruton, Melanie Phillips, Daniel Hannan (plus various pieces from NR by Rod Dreher and others)”

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (National Review) (July 2011)

On Sean Hannity’s TV show, Steyn characterized one of President Obama’s speeches as on that supported the views of Hamas.

“HANNITY: Did you notice, in the speech that he gave in Cairo -- now for those that don't know, Hamas, a terrorist organization that has in their charter, you know, a pledge for the destruction of Israel -- that he says Hamas can play a role in the future of the Palestinian people. Did you catch that?”

“STEYN: Yes, it's very interesting. That whole speech essentially subscribed largely to the Arab view of the Israeli state that, in effect -- if you noticed, he began by talking about the Holocaust and then talked about the Palestinian people -- and essentially, he lent credence to the idea, which is widely held by Hamas and by [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad and all kinds of other people that effectively the state of Israel is the sort of European colonial imposition on the Muslim world in return for -- to compensate for the Holocaust in Europe. That is not the case. And he gave an awful lot of hostages to rhetorical fortune in suggesting that.”

SOURCE: Hannity & Steyn (Hannity) (via Media Matters) (June 2009)

After the 2009 Ford Hood shooting, which left 13 dead and more than 30 injured, Steyn appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s show to promote anti-Muslim whistle-blowing.

“You think about the next time you see some behavior that's suspicious -- guys praying, they're doing goofy things, they're talking about Saddam Hussein, all the things that the flying imams did. And you think to yourself, 'Do I call Homeland Security? No, I'm going to be tied up in sensitivity-training hell for the next six months. Maybe it's better to just forget about it, to ignore it.' And that is becoming the problem now, that we're conditioned to ignore it.”

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (via Media Matters) (November 2009)

Mark Steyn has defended the profiling of Muslims.

“During the November 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show, guest host Mark Steyn said, ‘We only have pat downs because we're not allowed to profile people like Ahmed Ghailani.’ He continued to say that ‘profiling is now almost as bad as racism’ and that ‘profiling is what we used to call good policing.”

SOURCE: Karen Famighetti (Media Matters) (November 2010)

In 2006, Mark Steyn wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal entitled ‘It’s the Demography, Stupid’ in which he called for the West to recognize its collapse at the hands of immigrants (including Muslims) and the higher birth rates of non-Europeans living in Europe.

“Most people reading this have strong stomachs, so let me lay it out as baldly as I can: Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive this century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most Western European countries.”

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (Wall Street Journal) (January 2006)

In a 2016 follow-up article, ‘It’s Still the Demography, Stupid,’ Steyn reiterates the threat that Islam poses the West.

“Enter Islam, which sportingly volunteered to be the children we couldn't be bothered having ourselves, and which kind offer was somewhat carelessly taken up by the post-Christian west.”

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (Steyn Online) (January 2016)

In 2006, Steyn wrote that Muslims will eventually replace the European population as he lamented the specter of his (bigoted) neologism Eurabia. He was completely wrong.

“Every Continental (European) under the age of 40 – make that 60, if not 75 – is all but guaranteed to end his days living in an Islamified Europe,’ wrote polemicist Mark Steyn in 2006. ‘Native populations on the continent are aging and fading and being supplanted remorselessly by a young Muslim demographic.’ So ‘Eurabia,’ as Steyn called that Islamified Europe, ought to be a reality by now: people who were 75 when he wrote his book, America Alone, in 2006 would be 87 now if they were still alive, but at least half of them aren’t. Yet Europe’s population is still only five per cent Muslim, which is a very long way from a majority.”

SOURCE: Gwynne Dyer (The London Free Press) (April 2018)

Steyn promoted the conspiracy theory that former President Obama is a Muslim.

“[In reference to Steyn’s comments about the genocide of Bosnian Muslims] It’s enough to make one wonder what Steyn has in mind when he insists that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is ‘a Muslim'"

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (Chicago Sun-Times, 1/21/07).” (via FAIR) (2008)

Steyn argued that there is a direct connection between Islam and terrorism while appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s now-defunct Fox News Show.

“Well you said at the top of show migrants aren't the problem jihadists are. And that's true, but there is a crude arithmetic here, Bill. Which is that the more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have. So France, Belgium, and Germany have very high Muslim populations and they have a lot of terrorism. When you [look at] Poland and the Czech Republic they have very few Muslims so they don't have terrorism. And the question for Europe and I think for the United States a few years down the line is whether you can contain this just by the big security state.”

SOURCE: Mark Steyn (via Media Matters) (2016)

In a YouTube video (dated July 17, 2017), Steyn issued a warning to his audience that the Muslim takeover of Europe is a paramount issue—and that it is already happening.

“Historian Arnold Toynbee once famously said that ‘civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.’ Using this as a springboard, commentator Mark Steyn shows in a new video how Western Europe is already in the death throes of ‘demographic suicide’ because couples are no longer having enough children. He then shows how a thriving Muslim population in Western Europe is well on its way to filling all the empty space. Steyn explained how given the divergent birth rate between Muslims and post-Christian secularists, it will take only two generations for the current Muslim population (sitting at about 10-percent) to have as many grandchildren as post-Christian secularists (who currently make up the other 90 percent). This is due, he said, to Muslims having on average 3.5 children per couple compared to post-Christian secularists who have only 1.3 children per couple.”

SOURCE: Pete Baklinski (Lifesite(another far-right website) (August 2017)

In 2017, Steyn went of Fox News and said that Prime Minister May was bringing terrorism into the country.

“'Rush Limbaugh Show’ guest-host Mark Steyn said British Prime Minister Theresa May must stop allowing her country to ‘import’ jihadist ideology. Steyn said May needs to take a harder line on who her government allows into the United Kingdom. ‘The problem is that it is not a native problem,’ Steyn said. ‘The first thing you have to do is stop importing it.’ He said the problem of jihadist radicalization is a much bigger issue than the Irish Republican Army was. Steyn said that those involved in IRA attacks in the 20th Century had a lot more culturally in common with the rest of the British Isles. ‘There are people who agree with every objective of [jihadists],’ Steyn said. ‘They want to live under Sharia [and] have the flag of Islam fly over Buckingham Palace.”

SOURCE: Fox News (June 2017)