James Mcconnell


Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle: Founder and Senior Pastor(1957-2014)

James Mcconnell: Personal Blog


Pastor James Mcconnell is a retired Senior Pastor from Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle were he had been at since 1957. Mcconnell became a Christian at the age of 7 and began ministry at the age of 17. At the age of 19, he founded Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle with his first sermon consisting of 10 attendees. Over the years he has grown the church into what it has become today. Mcconnell has a personal website were he maintains a blog. Mcconnell has been known for grossly offensive remarks about Islam online and in several of his sermons. In one of his sermons he denounced Islam as “heathen”, “satanic”, and a “doctrine spawned in hell”.

Recent Activity

James Mcconnell retired in September of 2014 due to health conditions. He continues to be active on his personal blog, podcast and preaches at his church approximately once every three weeks. He also speaks at special events at Odyssey Arena and Ravenhill Rugby. In 2014, James Mcconnell was prosecuted under the Communications Act in Ireland after his denouncement of Islam during a sermon. He was later cleared of all charges in January, 2016 due to his right to offend under the principle of freedom of expression.


In a sermon in 2014, Mcconnell demonized Muslims with hate speech which was later posted online and gained media attention. Mcconnell stated that Islam is satanic and evil.  

“Now people say there are good Muslims in Britain, that may be so but I don’t trust them”

"Islam is heathen, Islam is Satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in Hell."

“Nobody is going to close my mouth. Islam is dangerous.

SOURCE: James Mcconnell Sermon

Mcconnell warns of trusting Muslims due to their possible connection with terrorism.

“I would certainly trust a Muslim doctor to operate on me but remember the Glasgow airport attack was carried out by two Muslim doctors”

SOURCE: Loonwatch

Mcconnell has several consiparies that Muslims are out to take over the world and kill all non-believers. He also misrepresents Christianity in the belief that the Bible states Muslim countries will side with Russia to take over Israel.

“Millions of Muslims are taking over the world and that’s the reason why the cell groups are planted in Britain, they are planted to take over Britain”.

“Eventually they will take over Northern Ireland, the Book of Ezekiel and the Book of Zechariah tells us that Muslims countries will side with Russia and they will come out against Israel”

“The Muslim theme is destroy the Saturday people and destroy the Sunday people, what they mean by that is the Saturday people are the Jewish people and the Sunday people are the Christian people”

SOURCE: Loonwatch