Don Imus

Radio talk-show host


“Imus in the Morning” Radio Show: Founder and Host (1968-2018)

Aired on various local stations in California and Ohio until 1971, WNBC (WFAN) until 2007, Cumulus Media’s WABC until 2018

Imus Ranch For Kids with Cancer: Co-founder (along with Deirdre Imus) and owner (1998-2014)

Sponsors (according to his family website): “Bill Fick Ford,” “Bloomberg Trailers,” “Resistol Hats and Apparel,” “The Sean Hannity Show,” “RFD TV,” “My Pillow,” “Fox News,” “Rural Radio,” “Fox Business,” and “High Bar Shirt Co.”

SOURCE: Hinckley, David (“Don Imus Leaves a Trail of Way More Than Dust”, Medium)(March 27, 2018), Trakin, Roy (“Controversial Radio Host Don Imus Stepping Down”, Variety)(January 23, 2015)


Don Imus, recently retired, was a radio show host and personality for 50 years. Imus began his career in California, and soon found his way to Ohio and finally New York, where he spent most of his tenure as a radio host. His show quickly became popular, and he has been the recipient of various awards, including being named one of the 25 most influential people in America by Time in 1997. He often held political guests on his show, including Bill Clinton, John McCain, and John Kerry. In 2007, he drew substantial criticism for a racist comment on air about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, after which he was fired from WFAN. Imus, along with his wife Deirdre, used to own and run the Imus Ranch for Kids With Cancer, which operated as a summer camp; he sold the ranch in 2014.

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Since his recent retirement from talk show radio in 2018, Imus has been quiet in the media. He still maintains a twitter account and a website.


In 2004, Imus hosted guests who espoused racist commentary, characterizing Muslims and Palestinians as subservient and animalistic (Aired on November 12, 2004 and November 19, 2004 respectively).

“Don Imus: They’re [Palestinians] eating dirt and that fat pig wife [Suha Arafat] of his is living in Paris.

Rosenberg: They’re all brainwashed, though. That’s what it is. And they’re stupid to begin with, but they’re brainwashed now. Stinking animals. They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill ‘em all right now.”

“Voiceover Parody of [General George S.] Patton [Jr.]: At ease. I am here this morning to briefly discuss the subject of moral outrage -- specifically, mine. You probably are familiar with the matter I'm referring to: the United States Marine shooting a prostrate Iraqi insurgent who, just one day before, had been cowardly -- and in violation of the rules of warfare -- gunning for our boys from inside a Muslim mosque -- a shooting conveniently caught on videotape by an embedded NBC News crew. Convenient, indeed -- and not for us, for them -- the sons of bitches we're fighting! -- providing them with another cozy ‘al Jazeera moment’ for the Muslim masses to respond to with their routine pack-of-rabid-sheep mentality.”

SOURCE: Cluchey, Jeremy quoting “Imus in the Morning”(“Imus anchor on Palestinians: ‘Stinking animals. They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill ‘em all right now’”, MediaMatters)(November 19, 2004)

In 2007, Don Imus, speaking about Rudolph Giuliani, entertained the idea of bombing Saudi Arabia, including Mecca, to combat terrorism.

“Imus: I made the observation, I think Chris Matthews or somebody made it, one of those mouth-breathing cable nitwits. I think - I think the observation is, that if we’re gonna be fighting these terrorists through the lives of Wyatt Imus’ children, then you know -

McCord: Well, unfortunately that seems to be true.

Imus: -it might be good to start with somebody [Rudolph Giuliani] who’s willing to take three big ones and drop one on Mecca, one of Jeddah, and one on Saudi - one on Riyadh. Right, Chuck?”

SOURCE: Chiachiere, Ryan quoting “Imus in the Morning” (“Imus touted Giuliana as willing to ‘drop [a nuclear weapon] on Mecca’”, Media Matters)(February 7, 2007)

Imus has hosted guest Richard Dietl, a harsh Islamophobe, a number of times, often supporting his racist claims.

“Dietl: Ok. But my point is, there should be a congressional investigation. One, into all these former presidents. What kind of money is being influxitated [sic] into their libraries [sic]? I'm talking about this guy sitting across from me, Bill Clinton. They have hundreds of millions of dollars that were pumped in there from these Aba Daba Doos over there in the Middle East, controlling the oil. Right now in the Middle East, you've got Saudi Arabia, who's got their finger. Why doesn't Fredo get on his Air Force One, fly over to Riyadh, get those little hamel [sic] humpers over there, sit 'em down, and say, "Look, we got our F-16s -

Imus: It’s, uh, ‘camel humpers.’”

SOURCE: Walzer, Andrew quoting “Imus in the Morning” (“Imus corrected Dietl’s slur against Arabs: ‘It’s, uh, ‘camel humpers’’”, Media Matters)(May 12, 2008)

“Dietl: No, no, no, no, no. This is a God war. This is a war, now they think, because you cannot live coexistently [sic] with these people [Muslims], these fanatics are nuts. So, what they gotta do is they wanna try to wipe us out. What do you do in a fight? You take a guy out with a bat before he gets you with a bat, right? And what's happening right now is we got Syria.

Imus: Take a breath. [laughter]”

SOURCE: Singer, Matt quoting “Imus in the Morning” (“Dietl on Muslim ‘fanatics’ fighting a ‘God War’: ‘When you have eight children, you can let two of ‘em go get blown up because you always go six more’”, Media Matters)(July 24, 2006)