Dave Yerushalmi

Lawyer and power broker


Center for Security Policy: General Counsel

American Freedom Law Center (AFLC): Founder and Head of Organization

Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE): Founder

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MZ Foundation (Myron Zimmerman’s foundation)


David Yerushalmi is a prominent lawyer and power broker within far-right circles who communicates anti-Islam sentiments in his writings and actions. Yerushalmi primarily focuses his anti-Islamic rhetoric on the “threat” of “Sharia” law supplanting the United States Constitution; a part of the “creeping Sharia” trope popularized by Islamophobes. Mr. Yerushalmi does not distinguish between branches of Sharia, but rather preaches against the all encompassing specter of “Sharia.” To this end, he’s a strong proponent for anti-Sharia law, drafting legislation that has seen its way into 39 US states.

Yerushalmi is the General Counsel for Frank Gaffney’s Islamophobic think-tank, The Center for Security Policy (CSP). Yerushalmi, in addition to his post at the CSP, maintains an advocacy organization called the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE), which promotes anti-Sharia legislation. SANE also provides “support” for Muslims who wish to take “refuge” from their transgressions and convert to a “civilized” religion. The site is only accessible now by membership.

Furthermore, Yerushalmi also heads the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), which aims to be “the Nation’s first truly authentic Judeo-Christian, public interest law firm.” According to The New York Times, Yerushalmi is one of the driving forces behind Islamophobia “casting Shariah as one of the greatest threats to American freedom since the cold war.


Yerushalmi continues to work for the aforementioned organizations, where he continues to push anti-Muslim legislation.


According to Yerushalmi, America is the provenance of white, Judeo-Christian men. Furthermore, the biggest threat to this group’s rightful heritage (America) is Islam.

“America was the handiwork of faithful Christians, mostly men, and almost entirely white, who ventured from Europe to create a nation in their image of a country existing as free men under G-d. This constellation of forces existed no where else in the world and resulted in a unique people and nation.”

SOURCE: From SANE’s Mission Statement (via Military Religious Freedom) (No Date)

"It is this Shari’a – a fully developed religio-political ideology -- that is used by the ‘traditionalists’ to attack the patriotic and Westernized ‘moderate’ Muslims as ‘not real Muslims’. It is our committed position that all Americans should stand in solidarity with any American Muslim who wishes to embrace Islam as a purely religious faith -- practicing the Five Pillars (commitment to monotheism; prayer; charity; fasting; and pilgrimage) -- as a committed American and who rejects traditional Shari’a which demands to control and not merely to inform the entire life of the Muslim, including his attitude about and relations toward his country."

SOURCE: From SANE’s Website (Via Citizen Warrior) (No Date)

To Yerushalmi, America (and the West) must crush Islam with force.

"Jihadi Muslims have been beaten into submission before. They are not somehow immune from the horrible effects of a real war fought to destruction. It is only when we fight Limited Wars in an effort to construct democracies that we expose our weakness and encourage their insurgencies and worldwide Jihad. Leave them running from tree to tree and from cave to cave while their wives bury the dead and eventually you will not only have destroyed their capability, you will have zapped them of their motivation at least for another century or so."

SOURCE: From SANE’s Website (2007)

Yerushalmi has pushed the conspiracy theory that CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood which, to the misinformed Islamophobic community, is one of the most vile terrorists groups in the world.

"As most of you know, the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas-Salafi groups, led by CAIR, ISNA, and a whole host of alphabet soup acronyms, have taken a page out of the progressives’ play book, notably the ACLU’s, to destroy this country’s defenses “from within” through “civil rights” style litigation."

SOURCE: From SANE’s Website (2009)

Yerushalmi proposed a bill in 2011 to the Tennessee legislature that would criminalize “Shari’a” and designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Here is a copy of the bill (SB 1028).

"Tennessee's SB 1028 defines traditional Islamic law as counter to constitutional principles, and authorizing the state's attorney general to freeze the assets of organizations that have been determined to be promoting or supporting Sharia."

SOURCE: Tim Murphy (Mother Jones) (March 2011)

Yerushalmi helped pass a significant amount of anti-Muslim legislation between 2010 and 2016.

"While Yerushalmi is not a flamboyant anti-Muslim crusader like Pamela Geller or Brigitte Gabriel, who both profit personally from spewing hate, he has been effective. Thanks to his work, between 2010 and 2016 there were 194 anti-Sharia bills introduced in 39 state legislatures. Of those, 18 were enacted into law. Unsurprisingly, the primary sponsors of this legislation were from almost exclusively from one party: 373 Republicans to nine Democrats. The party of Lincoln has truly become the party of hate."'

SOURCE: Dean Obeidallah (Daily Beast) (September 2017)

In Yerushalmi’s eyes, moderate Muslims who want to coexist with the West do not exist.

"The Mythical ‘moderate’ Muslim … the Muslim who embraces traditional Islam but wants a peaceful coexistence with the West, is effectively non-existent."

SOURCE: Dave Yerushalmi (“Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques”) (Via SPLC) (Summer 2011)

Yerushalmi is also a member of the SPLC’s “Anti-Muslim Inner Circle.”

"When I see a woman walking around with a burqa I see a Nazi, that's what I see, how do you like that? A hateful Nazi that would like to cut your throat and kill your children. Don’t give me this crap that they are doing this out of a sacred religious right. It's not required by the Quran that a woman walks around with a seventh century drape. She is doing it to spit in your face. She's saying you white moron, I am going to kill you if I can. That's how I see it. What do you want me to do? Mince words with you? I am not going to mince words with you. We are too far gone in this country."

SOURCE: Michael Savage, 7/2/07, Savage Nation

In the past, Yerushalmi has expressed fringe views about women and the Black community.

"In fact, a Mother Jones profile of Yerushalmi titled ‘Meet the White Supremacist leading the GOP’s Anti-Shariah Crusade’ documents how he has argued that ‘whites are genetically superior to blacks’ and suggested that whites are ‘inherently more receptive to republican forms of government than blacks.’ Yerushalmi, who holds a ‘coveted’ place in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Anti-Muslim Inner Circle,’ has also served up such racist and sexist garbage as ‘there is a reason the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote."

SOURCE: Dean Obeidallah (Daily Beast) (September 2017)

In 2016, Yerulshami, representing Urth Caffe in a lawsuit against them, accused the plaintiffs of “civilizational jihad.”

"The lawyer for a California cafe has accused a group of Muslim women of 'civilizational jihad' after they launched a discrimination lawsuit claiming they were asked to leave because of their hijabs. The women were asked to leave Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach on April 22 due to a policy that limits seating in the venue to 45 minutes. The women, six of whom wear hijabs, claim they were unfairly targeted since the cafe had plenty of empty seats and other groups were allowed to stay seated longer than they were. David Yerushalmi, a controversial lawyer representing Urth Caffe, filed a countersuit against the women for trespassing and accused the group of trying to 'weaken western civilization."

SOURCE: Jessica Chia and Zoe Szathmary (Daily Mail) (June 2016)