Gary Cass.jpg

Gary Cass

Gary Cass served as a pastor in the San Diego area and is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America with graduate and post graduate degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary in California.

Franklin Graham still.png

Franklin Graham

William Franklin Graham III is a Christian evangelist and missionary. He frequently engages in Christian revival tours and political commentary.

Pastor James mcconnell.jpg

James McConnell

James McConnell, the 78-year-old pastor of Belfast's Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Christine Dietrich.jpg

Christine Dietrich

Swizterland based pastor from the Swiss Evangelical Church who wrote in the Islamophobic magazine “PI: Politically Incorrect.”

DAVID LAPINstill.png

Daniel Lapin

David Lapin is a South African scholar and rabbi.

Pat Robertson still.png

Pat Robertson

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson is an American media mogul, executive chairman, and former Southern Baptist minister who advocates conservative Christian ideals

Jesse Lee Peterson still.png

Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson is an American activist, author and media personality. He is president and founder of BOND, an American religious nonprofit, 501 organization dedicated to "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man."

Usama Dokdok.png

Usama Dakdok

Dakdok is an Egyptian born pastor and founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry travels throughout the United States and Canada

Joel Richardson.jpg

Joel Richardson

Joel Richardson is the author of several books including Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About the Real Nature of the Beast. He also wrote Mideast Beast and is the director of the WND Films documentary End Times Eyewitness.

Erik Stakelbeck still.png

Erik Stakelbeck

Erick Stakelbeck is a “terrorism analyst” for Christian Broadcasting Network News and the host of the weekly CBN program The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck. Erick appears often on Fox and other right-wing outlets.

Jerry Fallwell Jr.jpg

Jerry Fallwell Jr.

Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr. is an American lawyer and university administrator. He serves as the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, appointed in 2007 upon his father's death.

Manis Friedman still.png

Manis Friedman

Manis Friedman is a Chabad Lubavitch Hassid, Shliach, rabbi, author, and public speaker. He is also the dean of the Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Studies.

Nachum Shifren still.png

Nachum Shifren

Rabbi Nachum Shifren, also known as the surfing rabbi, is an Orthodox Lubavitcher Chassidic rabbi and accomplished surfer.

John Hagee.jpg

John Hagee

John Charles Hagee is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, a megachurch in San Antonio, Texas. Hagee is also the CEO of his non-profit corporation, Global Evangelism Television.

Bridgett still.png

Brigitte Gabriel

Gabriel is a Lebanese born far right-wing extremist who heads the hate group ACT For America. She is known for her general animosity of Islam, Muslims, Arabs and is also an avid Zionist and supporter of Israel.