Christine Dietrich


Politically Incorrect Blog: Co-Operator(2007-2011)

Siselen-Finsterhennen: Reformed Pastor


Christine Dietrich is an Bernese Reformed Pastor in the Siselen-Finsterhennen region. She was also the operator of the popular Politically Incorrect Blog from 2007 to 2011(She claimed that she had disassociated herself with the blog in 2011). In 2007, the server of PI was relocated to an anonymous person abroad after Stefan Herre began receiving death threats. At this time many well-known PI bloggers had left the website. It later became known that this anonymous person was Christine Dietrich and that Stefan Herre also stayed active on the blog under another name. Dietrich maintained the blog’s anti-Islamic rhetoric during this time period.

Recent Activity

Christine Dietrich has been active in participating in anti-Islamic and xenophobic events in Germany and was reprimanded and admonished in 2010 by Sydalrat(Church’s Synod). Ever since her resignation from Politically Incorrect in the summer of 2011, Dietrich has been out of the news and her current occupation remains unknown.


Christine dietrich operated Pi-News from 2007-2011. During this time period, Pi-News maintained its publications of Anti-Islamic rhetoric which often generalizations and misrepresents Islam.

“But a devout Muslim can not accept the liberal democratic order. And as long as our politicians do not understand this in their consensus delusion, unfortunately, nobody responsible will seriously try to prevent the transformation of our societies.”

SOURCE: PI-News, 2007

“Many deceptive Muslim lies ("Islam means peace") have already been put right in the past - thanks to independent, Islam-critical rapporteurs.”

“A dialogue with Islam is pointless as long as the Islamic world does not give up the taboo of criticism of Islam. However, Islam is structurally designed so that it can not allow criticism in principle.”

SOURCE: PI-News, 2007