Caroline Glick

Israeli Journalist


IDF (Israeli Defense Forces): Captain, Defense Ministry (1994-1996)

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu: Assistant Foreign Policy Adviser (1997-1998)

Makor Rishon (a right-wing, conservative publication with ties to Israel Hayom): Contributor, Chief Diplomatic Commentator (2000 - 2008)

The Jerusalem Post: Senior Columnist, Deputy Managing Editor, current Senior Contributing Editor (2002-Present)

Ma’ariv (Israeli newspaper, historically politically centrist): Hebrew Language Columnist (2014 - Present)

Latma (Hebrew, right-wing satirical news outlet): Editor in Chief (2008 - 2015)

Breitbart News: Senior Columnist

Center for Security Policy: Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs

David Horowitz Freedom Center: Director of the Israel Security Project

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Caroline Glick was the assistant policy adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of the Likud party (right-wing) during his first term. Glick grew up in Chicago in 1969 and now lives in Israel. She has written for various Israeli publications such as Makor Rishon, The Jerusalem Post, and Ma’ariv. Glick is the author of two books: The Israeli Solution: A One State Plan for Peace in the Middle East and Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad. She is also the senior fellow of Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy, a far right think-tank founded by former Reagan aide Frank Gaffney, and is the director of the Israel Security Project, a project under the umbrella of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which runs other Islamophobic projects such as “Jihad Watch.” Glick has been a longtime advocate of bombing Iran and overthrowing its regime. In an article entitled “It is Time to Act,” she advocates exactly that. Glick has been a longtime contributor to the Islamophobic network both as a writer, and as an Israeli politico contributing to its policies.


Glick continues to write for the aforementioned publications and is also active on Twitter. She is also still affiliated with the Center for Security Policy and the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Glick has been a supporter of President Donald Trump and his policies towards Israel, in addition to criticizing American left-wing politicians of anti-Semitism.


Glick has advocated for the bombing of Iran by US and Israeli forces and overthrowing the Iranian government.

“Today, there is only one way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Israel must bomb Iran's nuclear installations... All an Israeli air strike against Iran's nuclear facilities will do is set its nuclear program back for a couple of years. Such a strike will buy Israel and the rest of the world time... If Israel and the US are wise, they will use the extra time to ratchet up international economic sanctions on Iran. They will use the time to conduct covert operations against nuclear and regime targets. They will use the time to increase international pressure on countries that do business with Iran and sell it arms. And they will use the time that an Israeli military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities will buy to support Iranian democracy movements and so weaken the regime and perhaps eventually topple it."

SOURCE: Glick, Caroline (‘It is time to act”, Caroline Glick)(September 19, 2008)

Glick calls for Jewish individuals to stop attacks on Christian branches to focus on a “common enemy.”

“Rather than stand with the Catholic church as Benedict moves boldly against radical Islam, American Jewish leaders led by ADL Director Abe Foxman have been attacking the church for its theological decisions.”

SOURCE: Media Matters Staff quoting Pamela Geller quoting Caroline Glick (Media Matters)(January 25, 2010)

Glick sees Islam as a threat to the Western world.

“The radical Islamic goal of destroying America – and the rest of the world – is the same regardless of who ends up winning the intramural jihad contest. And as we have seen repeatedly in recent years, the sides are happy to come together to achieve their common goal of killing us and destroying our societies.”

SOURCE: Glick, Caroline (“Radical Islam--The Invisible Enemy”, Caroline Glick)(November 17, 2015)