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Cal Thomas is a conservative columnist and pundit who appears in more than 550 newspapers across the nation. He also appears quite often on Fox News where he hosted After Hours with Cal Thomas. He also gives a syndicated daily radio commentary which is heard on more than 300 channels. He is a staunch conservative whose views on Israel, Iran and Muslims are in line with standard far-right rhetoric. According to hate watchdog groups like CAIR and FAIR, Thomas is a bellicose bigot who is bereft of any understanding of the Islamic world.


Cal Thomas is still active in the conservative media-sphere, maintaining a personal Twitter account and writing for outlets like Fox News and Jewish World Review.


Thomas displays his rabid support for Israel on multiple occasions and claims that the Muslim community (specifically Palestinian Muslims) presents a dire threat to Israel.

“Israel should declare its intention to transfer large numbers of its Palestinian residents to Arab nations. This sounds radical until one considers that is precisely what Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have done. After the Palestinians assisted Saddam Hussein in Iraq's invasion of Kuwait during the Gulf War (which Arafat cheered while calling on Hussein to shell Israel), Kuwait forcibly evicted and transferred to Jordan about 300,000 Palestinians, labeling them as traitors and a fifth column. Saudi Arabia also recognized Arafat's betrayal of their Kuwaiti hosts by transferring about 350,000 Palestinians to Jordan.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Star Telegram) (via Muslim Matters) (2001)

“In his appearance before the House committee, Netanyahu warned, ‘Some of you may find it hard to believe that Islamic militants truly cling to the mad fantasy of destroying America. Make no mistake, they do. Unless they are stopped now, their attacks will continue, and become even more lethal in the future.’ That sounds like the warning of a prophet. Lost.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas, calling Benjamin Netanyahu a prophet (Jewish World Review) (September 2001)

“The Arab world demonstrates no intention of coming to terms with Israel or the Jewish (or Christian) people, unless those terms involve their complete subjugation to Islam, or their deaths.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (June 2002)

To Thomas, Islam is an inherently violent religion that poses a serious threat.

“... the fact is that Islamic terrorism has been an endemic element of the Middle East for 13 centuries.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (September 2001)

Thomas has said that America, and the West at-large, must use all their might to crush the enemy (the Muslim community/“Middle Easterners”). This includes nuclear warfare, war, and mass deportation

“President Bush should consider emulating his predecessor, Harry Truman, and employ the use of at least tactical nuclear weapons against the Taliban should it be concluded that such a weapon might produce better results than the current bombing campaign. If this is war, why pull any punches?”

“The United States should spare no effort in wiping out the Taliban and all terrorists who would follow in their sandal-steps. If there is collateral civilian damage, that's war. America's willingness to use nuclear weapons during World War II preserved the peace and struck fear into the hearts of our adversaries. It's time for another demonstration of our resolve. Perhaps nothing short of nuclear weapons will deter for another generation the enemies of freedom...This is not a time for diplomatic or political niceties. It is a time to wipe them out before they wipe any more of us out.”

“If we show them that our sword is bigger than theirs and, more importantly, that we will not shrink from using it to defend our people and our values, the likelihood we will have to do so again in the near future will be diminished. There is a psychological and political downside to deploying even tactical nuclear weapons. But there's a bigger downside should Wolfowitz's forecast come true. Americans and Britons who would die in such a terrorist attack - and their loved ones - deserve to know that their countries are doing all they can to defend them.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (November 2001)

“This is war, after all. German spies were hunted down and exposed during the Second World War, as were spies and other threats to American freedoms during the Cold War. We should be doing the same with this greater contemporary threat.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (June 2002)

“Political leaders repeat the bromide that Islam is a ‘peaceful religion’ and radicals are trying to hijack it. Are we being infiltrated by people who, on the outside, pretend to be peaceful and tolerant, but inside wish to undermine and overthrow our government?”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (January 2006)

“Congress must stop this sale of American ports to foreign interests and, in an era of terrorism, prevent any more potential terrorist targets from falling into the hands of those who wish to destroy us.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (February 2006)

“Americans have always responded to major threats and challenges. Properly framed, they could be made to understand this threat as the greatest challenge the nation has ever faced. To become energy independent and no longer rely on foreign oil would be like depriving Dracula of his blood supply: he would shrivel up and die.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (April 2006)

“Why are we not deporting all the illegal aliens in this country who come from nations which breed the anti-American ideology religion that threatens us?”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (January 2002)

“We'll need a slogan. Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon were ‘That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.’ How about this one for Energy Independence Day: ‘Let 'em Eat Sand.”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (April 2006)

“How much longer should we allow people from certain lands, with certain beliefs to come to Britain and America and build their mosques, teach hate, and plot to kill us?’ Thomas asked. ‘Okay, let’s have the required disclaimer: Not all Muslims from the Middle East and southeast Asia want to kill us, but those who do blend in with those who don’t. Would anyone tolerate a slow-spreading cancer because it wasn’t fast-spreading? Probably not. You’d want it removed.”

SOURCE: CAIR (via WTOP-FM) (July 2007)

“But look, this isn’t a game. This is something very we are being invaded by a foreign force more effective than Communism or Nazism ever did though they tried they were never as successful and these people who want to kill us, these terrorists think they have a mandate from their god to do so.”

"The truth is you can’t tell the difference [between Muslims and terrorists]"

SOURCE: Cal Thomas in an interview with Michelle Malkin (Fox News) (July 2007)

“The president proudly announced that Hussain is a Hafiz, someone who has completely memorized the Quran, but he did not spell out what qualifies Hussain to meet with foreign leaders at a diplomatic level in a role that approximates that of an ambassador. According to Jihad Watch, a blog directed by American author Robert Spencer that "aims to bring to public attention the role of jihad theology and ideology in the modern world," Hussain's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood date back to his days at Yale Law School. Ask yourself: If you or your group were interested in damaging or destroying the United States, wouldn't infiltration at every possible level of government and culture be an effective strategy?”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Fox News) (February 2010)

Cal Thomas wrote an article in the Jewish World Review entitled “France will be America's Future if we don't stop denying Muslim invasion is deliberate and purposeful” (November 2005), that exemplifies his fear of, what Gaffney would call, “creeping Sharia.”

“This is not going to be pleasant for countries and cultures that have believed in the ‘melting pot,’ but radical surgery on a growing cancer is what is needed when early warning signs have been ignored. France must deport the most dangerous and violent radicals whose goal is to turn the country into an Islamic state dominated by Sharia law. The message should be: if you engage in or promote violence, you're gone from the country.”

“Why shouldn't we fight back by reaching out to them with our religious and political doctrines? I know Muslims who have been converted and now live peaceful and productive lives among us. We shouldn't passively allow them to proceed with their conversion agenda with no response. Let's peacefully and lovingly share our far better religious and cultural message with them.”

“What is happening in France among many of their Muslim immigrants is the immediate future for all of Europe and a probable future for the United States, if the West does not immediately and effectively confront this spreading threat.”

“France will be America's future, if we don't stop denying that this invasion is deliberate and purposeful. If we don't end the proliferation of radical Muslims, it would not be out of the question to predict a terrorist plot to blow up American cities, if the U.S. government fails to bow to fanatical demands to abandon Israel...Before you start accusing me of bigotry, on what basis — other than your wishful thinking and refusal to confront this threat — do you base your position?”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (November 2005)

In December 2017, Cal Thomas wrote an article for the Jewish World Review admonishing Jared Kushner for being too soft on Palestine. He claimed that the main goal of Palestinians is to destroy Israel.

“President Trump's son-in-law and designated Middle East peace envoy, Jared Kushner, told the Brookings Institution's Saban Forum last weekend that a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is key to solving larger goals, such as stopping Iranian aggression and Islamic extremism. If he believes that, he has fallen into the trap numerous and more seasoned diplomats have experienced. The most obvious impediment to peace in the region is a religious one. A visceral hatred of Jews is promoted in Palestinian media and many mosques and schools throughout the region...Radical Islamists believe Allah has ordered it. Why would they risk perdition by violating his command?”

SOURCE: Cal Thomas (Jewish World Review) (December 2017)