Anders Gravers Pederson

Founder of stop the islamisation of denmark

co-founder of stop the islamisation of europe



Stop the Islamisation of Denmark: Founder and Chairman (2005-)

Stop the Islamisation of Europe: Co-Founder and Active Leader (2007-))

Freedom Defense Initiative: Principal Member

Stop the Islamisation of America: Leader

Sources of Funding:

Local and International donors from SIOD wordpress site


Anders Gravers Pederson is a Danish anti-Islam activist who attended Butcher school in Aalborg, Denmark. He is the chairman and founder of Stop the Islamisation of Denmark (SIOD) and a leader at Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE). According to Gravers, a group of dissident activists and himself founded SIOD in June 2005. SIOD is an organization that has been actively campaigning against the building of mosques in Denmark. The organization regularly engages in anti-Islamic demonstrations throughout Europe. According to Gravers, SIOD was so successful that in April 2007, he announced the formation of Stop the Islamisation of Europe at the UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad summit hosted by the Center for Vigilant Freedom. SIOE has stated that their primary goal is to “prevent Islam from becoming a dominant political force in Europe”. There motto is “Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense”. The organization has held several anti-Islam demonstrations throughout Europe and has called for boycotts against multiple multinational corporations and countries it has deemed as “Muslim”.

Source: Powerbase

Recent Activity

Pederson’s latest actions have been primarily geared towards hosting Anti-Islamic rallies throughout Europe and initiating speeches at these rallies. Pederson reportedly had planned to host a exhibition of cartoons of the prophet Mohammad that had recently been displayed at an event in Texas held by the American’s Freedom Defense Initiative. These events were to be held in Copenhagen, London, Madrid and Paris, however fell through in August 2015 after having difficulties in finding a venue to host. In 2017, Pederson was in RT news after harassing the mayor of Roskilde, Denmark to the opposition of mosque construction in the region. Pederson also remains active on Facebook, posting links to a number of Zionist and right wing groups.


Gravers has spoken at several Anti-Islam demonstrations with hate speech and resistance towards the Muslim community in Europe. Gravers promotes his preconceived notion that Islam is rapidly conquering Europe and that European government powers have supported this effort.

“They believe they have enough power to move on to the next step, and that is to use a well-known Muslim weapon, dominate behavior towards everybody who is not a Muslim and that dominate behavior is intended for non-Muslims to convert to Islam so they can be in peace”

“During Christmas time, big supermarkets and malls have removed the Christian Christmas decorations just because it could have offended the Muslims”

SOURCE: Speech from Anders Gravers at the Freedom Defense Initiative(February,2010)

Gravers speech at Aahus promotes a dangerous rhetoric that Islam is a enemy that must be fought against to maintain freedom.

“We face an enemy that plans to rule the world, this enemy of freedom is called Islam”

“Islam is not a religion, it is the world’s biggest hate group and European laws protect this hate group”

SOURCE: Speech from Anders Gravers at the Aahus counter jihad meeting

Gravers has shown great opposition to the construction of mosques in Denmark and Europe. He has gone as far as harassing the mayor of Roskilde, Denmark.

“We thought she should get a taste of her own medicine” “She wants these minarets to spew the prayers, we don’t think she knows what she’s doing. We came at five o’clock in the morning and played it for her”

SOURCE: Anders Gravers, RT news(2017)

Graver shows resentment against the building of a mosque on Ground Zero in New York City. He proposes this false rhetoric that Muslims were celebrating the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in American streets.  

“It is a big insult as people are dancing in the American streets to celebrate the act of mass murders, that left a scare on the face of New York and a wound in the soul of each family who lost a loved one”

SOURCE: Speech from Anders Gravers at the New York City No Mosque at Ground Zero rally(2010)