David Yerushalmi

Yerushalmi, is a rabbi, lawyer and member of the Center for Security Policy. Yerushalmi, was one of the main architects of “anti-Shariah” legislation in a number of American states.

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Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz is an well known lawyer, and professor who rose to prominence for his contribution to jurisprudence and role in the OJ Simpson trial. He is a staunch supporter and defender of Israeli apartheid and atrocities against the Palestinians.

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Joe Kaufman

Kaufman is a Florida-based lawyer who unsuccessfully ran for Congress several times as a Republican in Broward County, Florida. Kaufman ran CAIR-Watch and Militant Islam Monitor.

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Neal Boortz

Boortz is a longtime radio presenter who hosted the nationally syndicated radio show, The Neal Boortz Show until it ended in 2013. Islam, Muslims and support for the US War on Terror was a favorite topic of Boortz’s show.

don imus still.png

Don Imus

Imus’s nationally syndicated radio show, Imus in the Morning has aired for 40 years. He has a reputation for expousing provocative, racist and hateful remarks. He has repeatedly referred to Muslims and Arabs as “ragheads.”

Michael Weiner "Savage"

Weiner, was a popular nationally syndicated talk radio show host known for his racist outbursts and genocidal Islamophobic comments.

Paul Sperry

Sperry is a self-proclaimed “terror expert” who co-authored the Islamophobic tract “Muslim Mafia” with White supremacist Paul Gaubatz.

caroline glick still.png

Caroline Glick

American born, Israeli settler, member of the Likud party and advisor to Netanyahu who supports apartheid and is vehemently anti-Arab and Islamophobic.

Itamar Marcus

Marcus is an Israeli settler and founder of Palestinian Media Watch. He was a prominent participant in “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With The West.”

Mark Steyn

Steyn is an Canadian origin Israeli apartheid apologist, right-wing pundit who conflates terrorism with Islam and Muslims.

david horowitz still.png

David Horowitz

Horowitz, a former leftist, convert to right-wing Neo-Conservatism. Founder of the David Horowtiz Foundation, through which funds right-wing and Islamophobic blogs. He is also one of the originators of “Islamofascism Week.”

Dennis Prager

Right-wing nationally syndicated talk radio show host. Prager is an Orthodox Jew and Israeli apartheid apologist.

Cal Thomas

Syndicated right-wing columnist, humorist and Israeli apartheid apologist.