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Alternative Media

Non-traditional media sites whose influence and impact has skyrocketed in the past few years. These sites are heavily agenda driven, uninterested in truth, real fact-checking and reporting.

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Politicians have fanned the flames of racism and hatred of Muslims in order to appeal to voters influenced by a radicalized base convinced that the West and Islam are at war. Officials are the "enforcers" of the Islamophobia networks policy blueprint aimed at disenfranchising and targeting Muslims.

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Religious Leaders

Religious leaders who have shamefully betrayed the core values of their faiths by dehumanizing Muslims and propagating harmful Islamophobic hatred, stereotypes and ideas.


Mainstream Media

Traditional media, such as newspapers, cable news networks, journalists, columnists, radio hosts, pundits and personalities. They work to promote and normalize Islamophobia for audiences around the world, thus making them one of the more dangerous outlets.

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Native Informants

Facilitators and mediators of discrimination, persecution and bigotry. Native Informants are granted power to leverage their supposed "insider" status as members of minority and oppressed groups to "explain" their culture and religion to dominant groups.



Academics refers to self-proclaimed "experts" on Islam and Muslims who in actuality have no expertise on Islam. They serve to provide a facade of "intellectualism" to the Islamophobic movement ideas and hate. They also act as "architects" of Islamophobic policy.


Where it's happening

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The Organized Islamophobia Movement

The fear of the visibility and enfranchisement of Muslims in the West is at the heart of the Organized Islamophobia Movement's (OIM) crusade against Muslims.